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Charcoal & Herbal Bentonite Clay Face Mask

Charcoal & Herbal Bentonite Clay Face Mask

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You don’t want to miss out on the skin-loving benefits that this bentonite herbal clay face mask has to offer! This mask is great for women, men, & teens, is made from all natural food-grade products, and is safe for all skin types. The ingredients help promote circulation and moisturize dry, stiff skin, which reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The clay mask absorbs and removes toxins and impurities, while naturally helping your skin fight acne and minimize pore size. It arrives in powder form to extend its longevity and allow you to use only the amount needed. The plastic ziplock pouch contains 2 ounces of powder that is good for about 18 applications.

DIRECTIONS (also provided with the product):
Mix 1 tsp of powder with 2 tsp of hot water (necessary for the activated charcoal) and apply immediately to the face. Allow the paste to completely dry on your skin. Wash off with warm water and gently pat the face dry.

After removing the mask, your face will be a healthy pink for approximately 20-30 minutes. This happens due to the increase in blood circulation & toxins being pulled from the skin. Your skin will return to its normal color shortly after the mask is removed, leaving your skin soft and supple.

❤ Bentonite Clay – absorbs & removes toxins from the skin, shrinks pores (noticeably just after a few uses), prevents breakouts, leaves the skin soft and smooth
❤ Activated Charcoal – draws toxins from the skin
❤ Turmeric – reduces the appearance of scars and inflammation, fights off signs of aging & uneven skin tone, removes dead skin cells
❤ Thyme – reduces acne-causing bacteria & blemishes caused by acne
❤ Marjoram – moistens stiff, dry skin; balances skin tone; prevents wrinkles
❤ Rosemary – anti-inflammatory, soothing
❤ Spirulina – anti-aging, promotes healing, fights acne-causing bacteria
❤ Chickweed – reduces inflammation, soothes dry & itchy skin
❤ Cleavers – reduces swelling, has a cooling effect on the skin

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